Material Hoist

CSI is proud to be a dealer of Beta Max material hoists. The material hoists changes the way you work. 

· Work Independently

Stop sharing crane time with other crews. Eliminate these scheduling headaches and gain complete control over your material delivery.
When you share resources your schedule and your profits are dependent on the performance of others. Remove that risk with a high speed hoist.

· Work Efficiently

Go from ground to placement of material in one go. With hoist setup options like our I-beam trolley system, you eliminate time spent rigging and re-rigging materials. Our wireless remote system transfers control of the hoist from ground to work level giving the closest person control.

· Work Non-Stop

If your people are standing around, you’re losing money. At delivery speeds of 80 feet per minute, our hoists deliver material as fast as your crews work. Our hoists keep your people producing all day long and because they are built to last, you can count on that level of production for years to come.

· Work Smart

There are times you want to maximize lifting speed and others where lifting capacity takes priority. Beta Max offers portable material hoist models for every project. The safest way to move 200 to 2000 lbs. of materials to virtually any job level (up to 400 feet in one run).


Safety Features

  • Up limit switch stops the hoist instantly when load reaches the top.

  • Non-rotating wire rope keeps the loads from spinning.

  • Failsafe brake, all loads are powered up and down, no free-falling even in the event of a power loss.

  • Rugged & dependable electrical controller with overload sensing device to protect your hoist from damage.

  • Twist lock power connections prevent the power cords from being accidentally kicked or knocked loose.


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