Fred permit

Chicago Scaffolding is proud to have its own team of permit expeditors.  Our decades of servicing the scaffold industry has given us the opportunity to build strong business relationships with various cities, villages and counties in the State of Illinois.  Our long history of working with the City of Chicago Department of Transportation gives our customers comfort knowing that they don't have to worry about the hassle of obtaining permits. Most permits can be obtained within 24 hours. We can obtain the following types of permits for your residential or commercial projects:



  • Sidewalk or Parkway Barricade
  • Curb Lane
  • Traffic, Bike Lane, Alley Barricade
  • Public Place Obstruction
  • No Parking Permits
  • Driveway Permits
  • Sidewalk  Protection Canopy Permits:
  • Type I Construction (Alteration, Facade, Demo)
  • Type II Construction (New Construction)
  • Type III Construction (Maintenance, Painting, Cleaning, etc.)          


Not only does CSI take care of all of your permit needs at time of installation, but we also renew and post your scaffolding permits at the jobsite monthly at a low cost.