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CSI is recognized as the industry leader in quality swing stage installations. Our swing stages have the highest load rating at longest lengths of any modular platforms and our state of the art motors ensure proper ascension and decension from varying project heights.


CSI is an authorized dealer of Altrex suspended modular platforms features longer cantilever, higher load capacity and all types of configurations. They are manufactured with a solid work surface and with a great emphasis on safety.  

Our expert technicians conduct a pre-job equipment inspection consisting of a load test, electrical analysis and hoist functionality to ensure a secure installation.


CSI is proud to be a Powerclimber dealer.  We sell, install PC1 motors for all of our swingstage projects.   Since the PC1 was launched in 1993, this hoist has combined trusted breech reeving capability with proven low voltage performance to lead the market. With the deepest voltage operating range and the easy-to-replace motherboard, the PC1 manages poor power better than any other comparable hoists in the market today. 

Our expert technicians can perform a thorough diagnostic and provide the necessary repairs to your motors for an affordable service fee.  We will do an oil change, check for wear and tear, check all electric components and do an accurate load testing. Rest assure that your employees are operating a safe OSHA approved stage.  


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